About Us

We believe that, everyone has talent. Everybody   has an ability to create something new or unique. Creativity   and   simplicity   makes us happy and awakened our consciousness and also enlighten our mind.

At the present time, technology has become a huge part of our daily life and people take advantage of it. Hence people spent more time in social media and there is a small chance of people   reading a printed magazine while travelling.

Our goal is increasing the writing skills and efficiency among the writers and also they can create their own identity and explore their talent. On the other hand people get chances of reading the magazine anytime and anywhere on any suitable devices.

Navoratna is a rising public blogging community. Here writers can make their own identity and they can write content in their own language by creating account, independently. A blogger can post their content in a professional and simple way and can share in social media,directly. There are no subscription charges and also a user can register their account totally free of cost.