Terms & Conditions

1. The writing must be your own. The collected text should not be published. Otherwise the post will be deleted. If there is more than one issue, the blogger’s account may be banned.

2. A writer is fully responsible for his writings. Each author’s published work is his personal. The authority is not responsible for this.

3. It is compulsory for writing to be unpublished. It should not be published elsewhere before being published in Navoratna.

4. Posting pornographic articles is strictly prohibited. Otherwise this account will be banned.

5. Copying is prohibited from writing. Otherwise, the authorities will be forced to take action.

6. Posting a text that hits any religion, class, gender or community can also be removed, and blogger can be banned if needed. In this case, the decisions of the administrators will be considered final.

7. No communal provocative campaign or rumor can be created. Religious discord and hate speech are prohibited. Any text supported by terrorism cannot be posted; otherwise the authorities will take action.

8. Any Short quotes, Less than 8 lines of poetry and less than 300 words article will not be given to post. Otherwise, it will be deleted without warning. If there is more than three issue, the blogger’s account may be banned.

9. The image used to be featured image must be royalty-free. Do not have any logo or watermark in the picture. No personal photos, selfy can be used in this case. Bloggers can use pixabay.com for the featured image.

10. All articles published in Navoratna are copyright-protected.

11. No incompatible writing will be tolerated. Without warning, this will be deleted. Content should be written with proper paragraph.

12. Must be written in one of the languages with it’s font. No text can be posted by mixing multiple languages. Blogger can write in any language here.

13. Writing standards must be maintained. All poor quality text will be removed. Do not publish the same article again.

14. After posting the article, it must be shared properly in the social media. This platform can not be used to store any text.

15. An author must share his writing through a variety of ways. Low readership (less than 60) text is considered invalid.

16. The author will request his readers to respond to the comments(below their article). The most responsive article will be repeated to more readers.

17. Before publishing any article, check out its decor, text alignment, font size etc. In the messy post, authorities will be forced to take action.

18. Authority can delete any article at any time without warning.